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New year, again?

The Christian calendar that most follow without question, indicates the end of one year to the beginning of another. In this transition, changes in personal life are desired and outlined as goals for the following days. Being most of these, fallen into oblivion as if that were the only starting point to think about improvements. In addition to personal aspirations, there is much to be desired and achieved collectively in the face of a spark of hope in the political, economic and social scenario in the lands of Pindoretama.

At New Year's Eve, the seven ripples are jumped with white clothing purchased exclusively for this occasion in requests to Mother Iemanjá. Garbage thrown by the sea disfigures and highlights the lack of importance to others, added to the religious intolerance practiced 365 days a year, becoming shallow white superstitions. I just remember that She doesn't like racist people.

Year in and year out, there are attacks everywhere we look, assuming the most varied formats and we don't see them losing strength. Racism ingrained and disguised as miscegenation, as well as other types of oppression stimulated by ignorance and lack of studies also disguised as good intentions. Not to mention the environment degraded by economic interests and all existing forms of life decimated in these processes. But which most arrogantly believe to be the words of unsubstantiated loose personal opinions.

The problems will not be solved in the short term in the following days with a snap of the fingers, nor with the pyrotechnic explosions of that imaginary starting point. We need to go much further than that for everyday situations to take a minimally satisfactory course for collective construction. And I regret to inform you that we are far from this reality as long as empathy is selective.

Text by Taangahara

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